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There is Power in a Union

Taking on the fight for safety

Concerted Activity

Union and non-union employees alike have the legal right to concerted activity free from retaliation. Concerted activity is any action taken by two or more employees to address working conditions. Some of the most powerful ways workers have made safer working conditions is by showing the boss that they are united around a common purpose. There are many ways workers engage in concerted activity, such as: wearing stickers/buttons, circulating a petition, informational picketing, color coordinated shoelaces, you name it!

Unfair Labor Practices

Your employer must not interfere with your fundamental right to join with your coworkers as a union and to engage in concerted activity together. Any attempts by the employer to interfere through threats, interrogation, surveillance, promises, etc. are considered unfair labor practices (ULP). ULP complaints can be filed with the National Labor Relations Board. Additionally, if your employer is violating your rights, the media, local legislators, community allies, etc. can all be great allies in a fight back as the NLRB can be slow to process ULP complaints.

Section 502, NLRA

If there are "abnormally dangerous conditions" on the job, workers may be protected under the National Labor Relations Act if they stop work in good-faith. This work stoppage is not considered a strike under the NLRA and cannot be in violation of the a no-strike clause in a union contract.

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