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Know Your Rights

Protecting You and Your Coworkers

While joining a union and being an active member with your coworkers is your best defense against unjust working conditions, it is also important to know you rights - especially when your safety and well being are at stake.

Rights under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

A Safe Workplace

Under Federal Law, you are entitled to a safe working environment. This means: receiving proper training, having proper safety equipment, and being aware of any risks you may face. Your employer must keep records available to employees of: all chemicals used at the workplace, all injuries, and any inspection reports.

Right to Report

If you believe your employer is violating a safety standard on the job, you are encouraged to file a complaint with OSHA. They can send inspectors to review the situation. You are protected from retaliation for filing complaints under the whistle blower provisions. It is important to create a paper trail to help monitor ongoing problems that can result in injury or death. Concerns and complaints can be made online, over the phone or even in person.

Right to Refuse

If there is insufficient time for OSHA to inspect a safety concern, and the danger is imminent, you have a right to refuse that work until that safety concern is corrected. For more information:

Right to Refuse Flyer

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